Currently in development, WindRoc Media Group spotlights the challenges faced by students, their parents and teachers, the epidemic of ADHD and trial medications become institutionalized by school administrations and policies. Why is it that researched learning issues that come with dyslexia and anxiety remain under the radar while ADHD has become mainstream although more debatable, over-identified, and misdiagnosed? Could it be the 600% increase of ADHD diagnosis in low income  largely communities of color, is a distraction from focusing on the most common of learning differences? Find out how bias, disinformation, and ignorance affects not only the health, well being, and future of students but also requires an urgent action. Identifying struggles of students and introducing evidence based interventions that build skills that pills don’t, this participatory documentary advocate for school communities to consider social emotional learning as well as health and wellness programs. By identifying the abilities and attributes  along with the weaknesses, parents and teachers are empowered to make or break the status quo and uplift the lives of our most vulnerable, marginalized, and stigmatized children.“Too many struggling students, poor readers, and slow processors are largely over diagnosed and 85% are medicated for symptoms of ADHD. Behind the symptoms are learning and behavior, attention and anxiety issues. I have successfully worked with over 12, 000 children without any medication. “
– Brad Chase
Professor of Psychology